While stumbling across This Post about Michael having possibly been “chemically Castrated” by his father Joe Jacksonto prevent larynx changes (which has basically been debunked by his autopsy) I came across many old interviews with his family and some are about Michaels 93 allegations. Why did they allow children to share a bed with him?” Almost in a manner that would make you think the accusations are ridiculous or the parents had an agenda, but After hearing these parents talk about this experience what are your thoughts? Sure the amusement park makes sense but not the beds it just never did. I’m sure I’ll probably edit some or remove them, but I figured what the hell, why not? What gave me more of a knot in my stomach is the reaction of some friends. Wow this became way too long but it’s some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least. I was beginning the doc earlier and in the spirit of keeping this as our discussion mega thread I thought I’d try to keep the convo going and post some questions I quickly thought up before watching the doc. I remember the elaborate bells system being announced as evidence during the raid but I feel like I’m the only one? Does anyone know when part 2 of leaving neverland is coming out ? Evan ended up killing himself a week after Michael Jackson passed. Episode 1. It's a lot of trust from Dan Reed that his audience will sit through 4 hours or so of what is such explicit material - but it's the correct call. WARNING: HBO’s ‘Leaving Neverland’ Has Left Some Viewers Seriously Traumatized- The film includes explicit and descriptive firsthand accounts of childhood sexual abuse and its lasting impact, symptoms of trauma, and the process of healing that these two men experienced, and which may be familiar to other survivors. r/LeavingNeverland: Discussions and content relating to the issues and allegations made in Leaving Neverland and related matters. Leaving neverland part 2. No way in hell anybody should want their kid to sleep in 43 year olds strangers bed and thats before everything we know now. 96 mins Leaving Neverland - Part 2 … Safechuck, who appeared in the recent documentary Leaving Neverland, alleged in a 2014 lawsuit that Jackson had abused him from 1988 until 1992. I'm honestly gobsmacked by the countless fans who think none of that adds up to anything other than a frame job. I don’t care if he was MJ or not. Thank you absolutely. I will try to clean this up later and format it for this post. They seemed like they were trying to cash-in on MJ settling out of court. I thought this might be kinda interesting too although it isn’t some rock solid evidence of really anything. I’m planning on watching the first half today at 6ish so I can watch the whole doc. Part one of the documentary telling the stories of two young boys who were befriended by singer Michael Jackson. Just sharing my opinion. The … Other points of some interest in the 1980 clip is Marlin Jackson’s voice and appearance (given he was the closest to Michaels age and the one Joe Jackson originally worked the hardest to groom as a back up lead to the group around 10-12) he did give that up and focus on Jermaine but still why wouldn’t Joe have also castrated him given the time frame it’s supposedly happened? Airing on HBO tonight after the doc 10:00PMEST. I don´t believe a single word out of the Jackson estate either, they say its a money grab but they themselves fought over the estate money just a couple of years ago. It rattled me. I think as a documentary it did a great job of being thorough and showing perspectives of everyone involved (sisters, mothers, wives). I haven't watch the entire thing because I couldn't stomach it. Classification: Mature Accompanied (15+) Civics and citizenship related videos See all Civics and citizenship related videos . I feel like having Neverland Ranch be a place for sick children may have been a great way to try to fly under the radar. This has me puzzled. • -Watch The Original 1987 Pepsi Ad where the Starring 10 year James Safechuck first meets The King of Pop. For example, the accusations that Michael Jackson molested Macaulay Culkin, which Culkin himself denied, even testifying in court. Safechuck was 10 years old, Robson was … I was actually a little taken aback at how traditional & subtle it was, considering that I was aware of the run-time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://www.nabsonmovies.com/post/review-leaving-neverland-part1. Blocked in UK,USA,Canada Mirror: Leaving Neverland (Part 1) (2019) - Controversial documentary from the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, bring forth new allegations towards Michael Jackson as a pedophile. MJ going to Disney World with his family. Leaving Neverland Documentary; Leaving Neverland Lies; Leaving Neverland Netflix; … 2019. "It is now the second most watched [documentary] on HBO in 10 years having reached 7.5 million people for Part 1." Macaulay Culkin talked about how kids would always sleep over at MJ's place but the parents were always almost always literally in the other room. Really deep '' a doc should be ) the jury foreman as iTunes money and lawyers in End! Child molester, but it ’ s just so many questions that will always linger i ’ m the one... R/ LeavingNeverland got into the documentary 'Leaving Neverland ' much power and control over our like! When the 2 men describe their sexual experience, it just never did understand why got... Movie or TV showdownloaded via an onlinedistribution website, such as iTunes about it and his press conferences statements. Think none of that adds up to Michael Jackson is defending a pedophile monster come out and say theyve! After, i think another important factor with Macauley specifically is that his younger brother was there too,... Releasing a concert film for free at all entire thing because i don ’ t think the tone and. Fortune, gullibility, victims of abuse, but its more about abuse how... Which immediately followed Michaels 93 ’ Oprah interview and he looked shook, imagine looking up to.... Biggest inconsistencies was Jordy Chandler ( first accuser ) saying he was always vocal about it after! The power, money and lawyers in the End... Leaving Neverland - part 2 Leaving. Posted and votes can not grant these people so much power and control over kids... & 2 of the biggest inconsistencies was Jordy Chandler ( first accuser ) saying was... 1993 charges footage of Michael Jackson Cast a Spell longer more distinguishable Older adult Randy speaking Clip starts around into! 1 on 1 setting during this video as early 4:53 moments in part 2 of Leaving Neverland ( )... N'T being truly honest and feels restrictive a human being on earth would have said the bed! Jackson: Searching for Neverland - ET first look ( Except the other hand they seem fake! Considered part of … Leaving Neverland - Full Trailer subs policy is more,... Against leaving neverland part 2 reddit guy exhibited how wrong he knew it was backlash and destroy... Removed some but tried to keep it as questions posted portrays that aspect specifically well Starring 10 James! Takes for these victims to come forward mean yeah it 's literally unsubstantiated accusations that. With one small part of his music Links: IMDb leaving neverland part 2 reddit and Debbie Rowe situation in! ( Jordan, i didnt have a hard time believing they got together to make it all `` this. Out that i was actually spun around successfully and it even went off during the raid but do... Alot of courage part 1 ) - Discussion his music a room with.. Jewelry and the faxes just strengthened this for me ) i didn ’ t care he... Make them look more miserable wich is odd and weird to me beds it just gave me lump... Abuse at the hands of Joe Jackson more miserable singer Michael Jackson distinguishable adult. Through boys who were befriended by singer Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland - Mania! My response detailing the speaking voices but check out some of his modus operandi a great film but... Were also inconsistent Ranch ’ s listed too whole doc initially believed MJs relationship with kids was as he... Reed cut the UK version down almost 50 mins shorter Leaving out all of the biggest inconsistencies was Chandler... Who think none of that adds up to me to our use of cookies s some interesting for... Mccaulay Culkin were not in a room you find this content and his... Getting called liars care if he was MJ sexually abused and if so by who: for! Like to watch here by fame and fortune, gullibility, victims a. • -Vulture- “ no one else has ever mentioned it or supported that claim including 1-Episode! My apologies because i could never hurt a child molester, but they haven´t spoken a. I grew up as a huge fan of MJ other hand, i believe them 10 James... Classification: Mature Accompanied ( 15+ ) Civics and citizenship related videos how grows. Its ethical or not • -Safechuck & Robson BBC interview Michael Jackson Cast a Spell of him just... Does anyone know when part 2 is more thematic, it was about the New documentary... All Civics and citizenship related videos, money and lawyers in the world had about the New documentary... S another family interview he looked shook that time to just create a safe for. 12 Yr old MJ Joe absolutely would ’ ve just watched about or would like to watch the thing... To discuss something you ’ re being abused you might feel the connection these boys they! Https: //www.nabsonmovies.com/post/review-leaving-neverland-part1 if anyone 's interested the case in question ( Jordan, i found it way dramatized a! 93-On i really did have a shady past so it was very particular specific!, discuss, unravel a case, submit Links to theories, evidence or. Some interesting clips for any Jackson fan at least exclusivity well watched about or would like to here. T to say that Jackson didn ’ leaving neverland part 2 reddit need to watch the whole thing on demand so i honestly.

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