In many cases, developers that migrate only need to do two things. Define the configuration. This SDK is a proxy to the Content Management API and acts on behalf of the logged on user. App Framework & UI Extensions. Apps do the same thing with the same technologies. This repo hosts contentful-extension a Command Line Tool (CLI) developed to simplify the management tasks associated with custom extensions. For example, a sidebar app can show the translation status of the current entry. Before uploading the extension, you need to prepare a descriptor file. The App Framework constitutes the next generation of extensibility options for Contentful and evolves the concept of UI extensions. In the contentful web app to to Settings > Extensions. If you're looking to migrate and in a unique situation, I’d be interested to hear from you. A JavaScript library that allows developers to create custom UI Extensions for the Contentful Web App TypeScript MIT 26 89 1 1 Updated Jan 12, 2021. field-editors React components and extensions for building Contentful entry editor react contentful ui-extension contentful-ui-extension field-editor Easy Installation in Contentful Web App. A UI Extension is (essentially) a small HTML5 application that exists in a sandboxed