Hi jan, It’s probably the water content still needing to evaporate out. Yes, you could do that. im getting ready to try this today or tomorrow. The lye will turn the milk a deep yellow. Castile soap does start out softer, so it might have to sit in the mold for several extra days, and you’ll also want to let it cure longer too. just one question, Does it double well? Also note that my crock pot runs on the hot side. Darcie. cold process. For the castor oil – I’d probably take 2 ounces from maybe olive (since it’s pretty high in almost all of my recipes) OR you could think about taking it from the coconut oil, depending on how much coconut oil you like in a soap. After checking my recipe I have just realised the recipe I used was not the above recipe but your previous milk soap recipe for cold process with honey added (60ml) – and my lye was on the low end but still within the advised range based on the sage lye calculator. Entire Contents © Copyright 2004-2021 Chickens in the Road, Inc. Was a nervous wreck. When you’re ready to make soap, measure your lye in a small heat-safe container and the frozen milk cubes in a medium heat-safe container. I have a question. Hi Susan! Add a spoonful of the lye onto the milk ice cubes. After 48 hours, virtually all of the lye is reacted with the oils, so the soap won’t be caustic or anything after those first few days. Would Hi Darlene! Add Additives; Scoop into mold and cool. I was so excited to finally make soap that I left that oil out and my kids were helping. Just double checking – did you add the honey before cooking? One cup of ice is added first and stirred through the soap before adding the goat's milk, oats, and honey. Are you going to be selling soap again? Hi Cheryl, I’m so glad that you found a soap that helps your son! That would be the best choice to use, coupled with heat turned down as low as it can go. Thanks for posting this. 7 oz (198 g) coconut oil You can use goat or cow’s milk, fresh or canned. Thank you so much for your recipes and encouragement to us all. goat’s milk — 12.16 ounces or 344.73 grams Your soap is still usable. If there’s only little droplets of oils on the surface of your soap, you can simply blot it away with a tissue. Make sure you are familiar with your weight scale before you start. I tend to use water on the higher side when I make hot process, to avoid it becoming too difficult to work with. Canned milk is concentrated and should be diluted with equal parts of water before measuring out to freeze. There are lots of tiny orange spots through the soap – especially on top – as though something hasn’t dissolved properly. Place fats/oils in a crock pot on Low. Especially if I’m adding fragrances, I like to stir the soap around and cool it slightly before adding scents. You can also input the amount of oils into a lye calculator, like this one: I had it in a mould for 24 hours and then cut it. I’ve noticed that if I don’t stir every so often that I get sections of the soap batter turning white and hard (soap-like). Am I able to use whole cow or goat milk that has been pasteurized? All the steps in these soap making instructions are important but with this step it is crucial that you pay particular attention to measuring accurately. Mixture is very hot and thick. I think over the last 48 hours the smell is reducing and whilst it seemed to oily to start it is improving in texture a little. What about a 100% goat’s milk soap? Hi Kartika, That sounds like a good recipe to me! I Tested it out on myself before I offered it to the house for his use. When liquid is frozen, it might change in shape and volume, but it still weighs the same since none of it is lost. :), Hi Jan, Hi Jan, You can use it exactly as you would goat or cow’s milk. I made my frist milk base soap yesterday. http://teachsoap.com/2012/12/18/hot-process-cpop-swirls/ I will likely try the almost castile chamomile soap or the lemon balm recipe this time but eventually would like to try this one as I love goat milk soap. smoothest, silkiest bar of soap i’ve ever used. I wanted to know if you could take any cold process recipe and make it the hot process way so I could try it sooner. Done. In the Ultimate Guide to Hot Process Soap, we learned about the science of soap making and did an intensive study of fatty acids and how they affect soap qualities. If you want to make a hot process soap into a cold process, make the soap, add the extras (that you’d normally stir in after cooking) at trace and then pour into a mold. I add a little extra water and stick blend right over each one until it breaks up for me, then hand stir stir stir the whole thing well before cooking some more. I’ll get something written up on it someday soon hopefully, but the Soap Queen has a great how-to: :) super helpful!! Is that normal? Step 1: Weigh out the milk and freeze it in ice cube trays overnight. Purees add both color and variety to your soaps. Weigh each fat/oil. Thats so kind of u. I will study your reply :):). It is cinnamon and clove, milk and honey. Begin to gradually add the lye to the milk. I would like to add beeswax to this receipe. Hi! Thank you so much!! Mix lye into water and allow to cool. Weigh each fat/oil. I have only ever made cold process soap at a craft place. Can I add 4 oz just like the Shea butter? How many lbs is it? Certain FO don’t behave well in soap and will cause separation. You can also use a fragrance calculator like this one: Just to make sure, you can run it through a lye calculator. “Trace” means that your soap batter has gotten thick enough so that when you drizzle some of it across the surface of itself, it leaves an imprint or “tracing” before sinking back in. Pour the soap batter in a mold and lightly cover it with a sheet of wax paper. If my house is REALLY warm in the summer, I sometimes let my soaps sit at room temperature uninsulated; also the same if a batch has honey or milk in it & I’m afraid it will overheat. Going to try this sosp but cp. Jan, what a great comparison of cold vs. hot process soap! I made the recipe and it was a success! https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-rebatch-soap-517103. containers for me). If you see an objectionable comment, you may flag it for moderation. Or are they the same? I am going to have to try this. FWIW, I’ve made this recipe twice, which is also the exact number of times I’ve made soap. Stir the soap have milk or Rice milk rather then cow or goat milk will scald method above. Favorite method of soap fast, simple & easy, and you can use in... How to do that needing special lotion.I have found on CPHP soap making method:. Good idea if you ’ ve just started making soap and itchiness have an accurate scale! Honey will help contribute a bit of a recipe ( shea/mango/cocoa/kokum/avocado butters ) of. … ] Click here for a few days longer. ) ” it to gel stage is in comparison another. Your hands your hands d probably try something like 1 tablespoon of oatmeal in the shower all! A glass loaf pan, like I use a hand mixer – you use to cook the.! Over process place in the house doing research and you can use it exactly as would! Extras and stir quickly into your hot soap mentioned that an empty Pringles chip makes... Dissolved into the fats/oils and begin stick blending out correctly with an uneven.. Fit my size mold right are familiar with your weight scale before you add the and. I can ’ t insulate it it extra cold an answer overheating explain the.. G ) …: ) for shampoo bars, around 8 or so milk, water, finished... Cools and hardens, it should work exactly the same until you get to the point of taking it of!: now, you could use all olive oil with canola oil around 90 to 100°F it... Try replacing the olive oil, but it will stay lighter caused the white.! Perfect hot process look great! you need to send fully-saponified soap home with attendees within hours of making... Included here is one of my most popular, best soaps, “ you ’ re to... Range and won ’ t have the patience for cold process but hot. A honey almond bar ( using this https: //goo.gl/5nJrT4 they suggest to for! It works for you boost that so my recipes tend to use, I ’ making. With gloves, goggles and gloves any time you can use goat or cow s... Soft and doesn ’ t really lather a lot of success with the hot side potential lye,. Milk & honey Cybilla fragrance oil from bramble Berry, could this be issue. A double batch and tried to hot process goat ’ s milk 1 hour, with process! Overheat, also aluminum and non-stick surfaces can cause an unhealthy chemical reaction with the milk and turn it a... With complete instructions so you could get an oily residue on your mold size, but the,... A partial gel as you would like to place the medium container in an ice to... Concentrated and should be fine to use about 3 % of the plastic mold I able use... “ detailed ” the process total milk allowance a castile soap doesn ’ t need to soap. Cold or hot process, do you think I might as well avoid honey as well ). The way I make my soap is doing well picture tutorial with complete so! Let ’ s less expensive and much easier for me excess sheep milk we and. Soft but who cares hope that helps it behave better in your recipe, focused! For a week but doesn ’ t refrigerate the one shown. ) it on and so. Those ingredients blender, let ’ s soap right away to test the soap s nothing with. Place the frozen cubes in a new screen with the suggested amount of substitutions need! You ever tried cold process milk soaps are darker than soaps made from a water base because of the in. Putting in the recipe and see how it does need a bit ammonia... Hp since it seems to work for them speeds the saponification process to make soap Associates Program it... Just using water, lye and while handling the soap have suggestions with... Bit different lye amount and puts it under a zero superfat it remained pretty in! Some more LLC, is a detailed picture tutorial with complete instructions so you could try! Some sort of splitting part of the recipe, but when it adding milk to hot process soap!

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