Sprite contains carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural flavors, sodium citrate, and sodium benzoate. A well-known brand in the soda world is Sprite. use caution with pop little used fact it can become a addiction. Sprite in European countries such as France, Ireland, UK & the Netherlands all have 30% less sugar, compared to the U.S. Mountain Dew's award winning taste is so easily augmented by different fruit juice blends that it easily has the greatest assortment of flavors of any soda there is. You're missing out on so much! Cherry is king. Most significantly, it comes straight from the soda fountain, ... the best outlet covering digital culture today. Also, Fanta grape and cream soda should have made this list. ROOT BEER RULLE'SS. In citrus-flavored soda drinks, BVO acts as an emulsifier. So out of 23 people Mr Pibb won by a landslide in all 3 catorgies all together 4 out of the 23 selected Dr Pepper. This soda pop brings back my childhood favorite drink Shirly temple and I was very addicted to this soda pop in school and this is my all time number one favorite its like having a shirly temple soda and I loved the taste cherries in this amazing addictive soda pop . avoid all sports drinks powered , gatorade . When I get acid reflux and heartburn, Pepsi actually really helps. The taste makes up for the price! these will put you right of the charts , then total crash. Dr Pepper is coarse in comparison, and leaves your throat with an obnoxious itch. In this list, some of the top soda drink brands will be listed. For a Citrusy Vodka Soda: Ketel One Vodka ($32) It should be beating Coke, but some people haven't tried Crush, or any other soda other than Coke. The best Sprite ads that clicked with young audiences. Vote for Crush or crush will crush you the flavoured goodness is limitless. Grapefruit juice is best mixed as 3 parts juice and 2 parts tequila . The balance of fizziness and flavor is impossible to comprehend until you try it. In my mind, no other soda can compete with the awesomeness that Cherry Coke beholds! Each 12 oz serving, or Sprite can, has 100 calories and 27g of sugar. I drink it every single day and it keeps me energized just fine. Best Tasting Diet Soda that you can try . Sprite , 7-Up, and Mountain Dew are popular alternatives to ginger ale and sparkling wine is also very common. Fizzy lemonade, fizzy orange and ginger beer (standard versions made with sugar). The nectar of the gods. The best type of Coca Cola! Clear until now (and this still applies) I would NOT drink regular Pepsi. And ...more, This needs to be number one! I think Mountain Dew should be the number one choice instead of Dr. Pepper. My opinion is it blow it out of the water its like a punch in the face with its spice and it has the carbonation like you get from pepsi that kind of burns your mouth yet its smooth and its addicting. Contains Affiliate Links. I like the other brands, but Barq's is my favorite. Sprite. Great root beer, great flavor, for those who think Barq's is better just remember they add caffeine to their product and no one else does so it's not a true root beer anymore. Find a Sprite® near you! A & W Root beer has a hard job up against the mighty, coca-cola funded, Barq's brand. Diet Cherry 7UP is nothing to write home about, but it's way better than either of these two calamities. The most genius coke product out there! I know you'll enjoy it if you just give it a try! Mountain Dew is the best. However, Sprite is a much better option than others because of its uses while recovering from sickness. It's a must buy! But Orange crush and orange fantasy tastes exactly the same! sprite is a simple soda pop, although having a very delicious flavor to it. Crisp, refreshing, and delicious, Dr. Pepper changed my concepts of what a soda could be. Who doesn't love orange soda? Sprite is my favorite. This should be in the top ten at least. Good crisp taste and is widely available. See more » « See less. We’re going to skip ahead to the 10 th most-purchased flavor in the US, which is Fanta. I love Sprite..but is it the soda ever?? Sprite was introduced by the Coca-Cola Company more than 50 years ago in response to the popularity of 7 Up. Cream Soda is the best drink ever tastes like vanilla and marshmallows and bubblegum so delicious. Mug is the best root beer it makes all the others look like child's play, The true' diet' coke.. Has same basic formula.. It Advertises Heavily with the NBA This soda is undoubtedly the greatest ever made. Sprite, WE'RE JOYRIDING UP! Pibb Xtra, which is also cherry-flavored. Absolutely NOBODY has good food tastes here. Pepsi is the same as Coca Cola, this is my favorite. Simply stated it tastes like heaven. So I switched and I'm glad didn't know what I was missing! 21 Comments; Sign up to participate, or Login if you already have an account. Sprite Lemon Lime Soda Soft Drinks, 8.5 fl oz, 12 Pack . Just the right amount of cherries. Sprite is one of the flavors that you can only take a few gulps of before you start to choke and hiccup because of the excessive carbonation. Secondly, is Crown Royal Good with Coke? It is so much better than Coca Cola, and if you do not like it, then get a life. I can't believe the best soda ever is not on this list! Caffeine, is also considered an alkaloid drug.. It is very creamy and has a smooth tingly finish I get this where ever I go. Mountain dew sucks. Fuddruckers has the delicious Fanta. It was developed in West Germany in 1959 as Fanta Klare Zitrone ("Clear Lemon Fanta") and introduced in the United States as Sprite in 1961.