These values will become our column headings in our cross-tabulation query. The following three records are inserted into the table: The first two records are inserted into partition p1, uniquely identified by supplier_id. BLAKE       MANAGER   2975                  However, to create list partitions, you specify a PARTITION BY LIST clause in the CREATE TABLE statement, and the PARTITION clauses specify lists of literal values, which are the discrete values of the partitioning columns that qualify rows to be included in the partition. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE AN EXAMPLE IN AN SQL STATEMENT THAT WOULD RETURN COUNTS FOR ROWS USING DISTINCT AND QUERY_PARTITON_CLAUSE. The SQL-99 WITH clause is very confusing at first because the SQL statement does not begin with the word SELECT. Instead, you partition the table on (supplier_id, partnum) to manually enforce equal-sized partitions. The following example shows the same sales table, interval partitioned using monthly intervals on time_id, again with hash subpartitions by cust_id. Serializable transactions do not work with deferred segment creation. The PARTITION or PARTITIONS clauses can have OVERFLOW subclauses that allow you to specify attributes of the overflow segments at the partition level. 1600,  For example to add a partition to sales table give the following command. If a1