In this flashback, she allows Klaus to feel the baby kick. Hayley and Stefan are in the trunk of Marcel's car when they talk about who they are doing this for. Klaus, hurt, bites Elijah and leaves them before that Hayley discovers a bible which someone left for her to find and in this bible is Hayley's family tree. Tyler and Hayley seem to have met in the Appalachian Mountains when Tyler was trying to break his sire bond to Klaus. In City Beneath The Sea, Hayley comes out with Hope to tell update Jackson about current events and is wondering why Jackson is burying Aiden in a place where traitors and murderers are supposed to be buried. In What, Will, I, Have, Left, Hayley is reunited with Hope, but their reunion is bittersweet and Hayley informs Hope that Roman was in fact her kidnapper. After the Hollow kills Elijah, Hayley rushes over to his body and strokes his face. Mary tells her to be safe. Jackson tells her to keep letting it out and when she attacks him, she apologizes and he tells her he's not going anywhere. Hayley talks with Elijah. This pulled Hayley into a conflict involving the supernatural community and she even became a member of The Faction as a representative of the Crescent Clan. Her hair is shoulder length and is usually worn loose, though sometimes is pulled up in a ponytail, a half up, or rarely, a french braid. Hayley asks if she knows where Elijah is and why she can't find him to which Rebekah responds about Klaus' daggers, she doesn't want to end back up in a box. Cause of death However, she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. He doesn't know who it was, but by the time he came to her parents they were already dead and he found a baby in a crib. After Klaus leaves, Hayley pours gasoline all over the laboratory and walks over to the werewolf she helped earlier. During her pregnancy, she didn't transform due to her daughter and healed faster than a regular werewolf. He joke asked if it was a love letter and asked for whom she wrote it. She then gave birth to her healthy baby girl, Hope, and was killed by Monique Deveraux as she held her daughter for the first time, because the New Orleans Coven wanted to sacrifice Hope, following Hope's paternal grandmother, Esther, orders. hayley marshall. She then says that New Orleans is filled with vampires who hate the Mikaelson Family and they need to move quickly with a plan. In Season Two, Hayley goes on a rampage against those for making her give up Hope. Tyler later explains that he and Hayley plan to help all of Klaus's hybrids break the sire bond. She is shocked and horrified at what she is seeing. The Vampire Diaries & The Originals Images on Fanpop. Together, they see a glimpse of Elijah and the red door. Jackson tells Hayley she fell in love with a monster, he continues to berate her over her relationship with Elijah. 1. She tells her Hope is sick and she just needs help to make her daughter well again. After their dealings with the Hollow, Hayley and Elijah are forced to part ways because of Hope's safety. Hayley returns to the compound in You Hung The Moon and hits Klaus, shouting at him for destroying their relationship and what it's done to their daughter. As both Oliver and Hayley tense for a fight, Aiden lets them pass. At Lucien's penthouse, they begin to search for the antidote, but can't find it. She tells him that he's the threat since he has a thousand enemies and that he's so paranoid he can't see that the wedding could actually bring Hope to them. There might also be overgarment, outer garment, outerwear, and overclothes. 29 notes. In From a Cradle to a Grave, we see a flashback of who seats between A Closer Walk With Thee and The Battle of New Orleans. Turned Without showing any mercy, Klaus removed Lucien's heart and along with Hayley and his siblings, they returned to the compound. Gia asks if there rescuing Elijah, but Hayley says it's Oliver. Klaus takes Hayley out to the bayou where he helps her to track down her pack. With the curse broken in You Hung the Moon, Jackson and Hayley now live together with Hope in an apartment opposite the compound. In The Devil Comes Here and Sighs, she runs towards the compound door and sees that it's Cami. Hayley is next seen in the quarter, running across the road to the Jardin Gris in order to buy a herb. He tells her no, that it can wait until morning; Hayley walks out of Hope's bedroom leaving Klaus to watch over his sleeping daughter. Hayley tells Klaus that Elijah isn't answering his phone. She then tells Keelin that Freya is the only one who can wake up the others. Later on, Elijah finds Klaus and learns about the baby and Klaus still isn't agreeing to cooperate. Hayley tells her she has always wondered what her parents were like and what they thought of her. phoebe tonkin. Hayley soon corrects her and quickly tells her she has her brother's manners. She later walks down a street and she feels a hand touch her, to which she proceeds to swing her hand and hit Declan. Eve tells Hayley about how their pack was killed by Marcel and the surviving descendants were cursed to be in their werewolf forms for most of the time, and only turn into their human forms on the night of a full moon. At the Mikaelson compound, Jackson is laying on a table and Freya is drawing a symbol on his chest to begin the spell to find Dahlia. Mary shows her what a voodoo queen showed her and that the herb is used when magic is afoot. In Savior, Hayley heads to 'The Bayou' to find Jackson and tells him that she is sorry, and for one night she will stand by him even if the Mikaelsons need her. However, due to Hope's blood running through her mother's veins, this made Hayley a hybrid and she succeeded to kill the witches and take her baby back. Jeux vidéo Cinéma Télévision. Hayley begs Vincent to do something to save the kids and to save Klaus and Marcel. hayley marshall phoebe tonkin This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals foto might contain potret, headshot, closeup, headshot closeup, kulit, skintone, bogel berwarna, dengan telanjang separa, bogel tersirat, kulit skintone aurat berwarna, and separa bogel. She then traveled the country, met and began to work with Atticus Shane, who promised her a reunion with her late parents. She then puts a trucker cap on him and with the keys in hand, they head off to their destination. Davina tells the story of the Hollow and how she can't be killed, frightening both Klaus and Hayley. She has also expressed a desire to raise the child alongside Klaus. Hayley is informed by Genevieve that Esther is responsible for wanting her baby dead. Hayley says goodbye to her baby. They return to Jackson's trailer and Oliver wants to talk to Jackson. This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals photo might contain portrait, headshot, gros plan, closeup, peau, skintone, nudité partielle de couleur nude, la nudité implicite, nudité, nudité partielle, nudité implicite, nue nudité partielle, de couleur, and teint. She is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant as she defeated, pregnant, witches that came to kill her and Hope; She uses objects to her advantage. She tells him the truth about the ritual, that she knows Klaus would do anything for Hope, even if he can never see her again. Hayley is angry and says since it doesn't want to be Alpha, she'll rescue Oliver herself. This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals picha contains picha, headshot, and closeup. Haley Gwendolyn Marshall (née Dunphy) is the eldest child of Claire and Phil Dunphy, the sister of Luke and Alex and the newlywed wife of Dylan Marshall and mother of twins Poppy and George Marshall. However, Marcel has already caught up with them. She and Ansel arrive at the cemetery and they find a bloodied Oliver suspended by his wrists in the greenhouse. Hayley is confused and she says they can't run from their home. She is tall with an athletic but slim figure. She has also shown several arrogant traits. Although he had told her that he lived in a trailer park in Florida, she eventually found out where he lived due to a hybrid that she knew and that he had a wealthy family. After finally convincing Klaus to agree to help Sophie, Elijah has Sophie and her coven release Hayley to him by giving them Jane-Anne's body. Hayley and Freya go to some building. He screams in pain and turns around, to be confronted by two more vampires. When Elijah arrives at the warehouse where Hayley is at, she swings an ax at the female vampire in the chair and decapitates her, splattering blood on herself in the process. Towards the end of her pregnancy, she wears a lot of dresses. Elijah knows they are over and their relationship was doomed. She and Jackson talk at the altar and asks her if she wants to do the marriage and he says she's doing it for the pack, but he promises to be a good husband to her. Find images and videos about girl, love and gif on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. Unfortunately, Hayley's relationship with Klaus takes a turn for the worse when Hayley tried to take Hope away from Klaus, as punishment for trying to take Hope away from him, Klaus had Dahlia place the Crescent Curse on Hayley and her pack. This leaded Hayley to collapse at Father Kieran's funeral. 1. They burst through the doors and fall together in the sunlight and both instantly burst into flames as Klaus looks on and screams at the sight of Hayley's burning corpse. Despite her arrogance she is still terrified of Klaus, even though she has a good relationship with the latter, Hayley does not learn from her mistakes, as she arrogantly threatened Dahlia an immensely powerful immortal witch, this arrogance of hers costs Hayley when Dahlia places her under the Crescent Curse. He then tells her his whole family has treated her horribly and she still chooses to interact with them. She asks him if he's worried about Marcel and he tells her he can suffer. Hayley in Elijah's mind hears screaming and comes across a red door. Later Klaus forces her to move with him to The Abattoir after his falling out with his siblings over their betrayals, and now states that his child is the only thing that matters to him. She has become stronger and more reliable, especially to her fellow werewolves. She meets up with Freya, Vincent and Josh to talk about the Mardi Gras festivities. When Hayley tells Elijah to either help her or get out of her way, he takes Céleste and the cure from her. He tells her that he has a rule about not hurting kids. He tells her he will leave her alone and that they still love each other, and then kiss. phoebe tonkin. Hayley and Klaus both disagreed, stating that she's just a kid and by doing that, they'll be losing both Kol and Marcel from their side. Physical appearance In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley asks Klaus and Rebekah what is the plan to overtake Marcel. Hayley wakes up at Vincent's home with Vincent near her. Alaric and Hayley talk at the Salvatore Boarding School. Through this family tree Hayley discovers that her birth name is Andrea Labonair. After the Hollow leaves, Hayley, Elijah, and Marcel talk. Hayley grabs her knife and jumps on The Hollow, and she stabs the Hollow, repeatedly, seemingly killing her for good. Hayley and Hope talk about Klaus and how grateful they both are for Hope saving his life. When Elijah asks for the werewolves to come to the feast of the blessings she declines. In doing so they violated the treaty. Still at the Bayou, they come across a sacrifice in progress. This The Vampire Diaries & The Originals photo contains well dressed person, suit, pants suit, pantsuit, portrait, headshot, and closeup. She makes it clear that she won't allow him to do anything wrong to her people. He says he trusts her, but he doesn't trust Jackson. The Vampire Diaries" - Caroline Forbes - Kai Parker "2. Hayley asks Freya if her reading will work. When hope comes in she touches Freya's shoulder. Freya finally gets into the room where Hayley was being held hostage, Hayley asks Freya if the totem was destroyed, she isn't sure and Freya gives her a knife and tells her she needs to stab the Hollow. She then tells Klaus she will continue to go through all of the things she found and she will decide which stuff to keep and donate. She finally pulls the knife out, Hayley asks him why is he doing this to her. They talk about Hope and how she fits into all of this. Klaus is both shocked and distraught having to deal with Hayley's death. Later that night, after Tyler calls Hayley to tell her that Kimberley broke the sire bond, Hayley is in Shane's office and tells him they freed another one. phoebe tonkin. He also tells her before he begins his ritual she needs to leave so Hope is not in danger anymore. In Chasing the Devil's Tail, as Klaus tries to help Elijah, his nose begins to bleed, which makes Hayley pull him off of Elijah. Hayley died shortly after giving birth to her daughter but her daughter's blood was in her system at the time. Both are called by another name that their birth one; Hayley being born as Andréa Labonair and Katherine as Katerina Petrova.